XRF Spectrometer ARL OPTIM'X from Thermo Scientific

The wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) technique is a highly flexible analytical technique for the elemental analysis of solids and liquids. Elements from beryllium to uranium can be analyzed in a wide range of samples with high accuracy, precision and reliability.

Salient Features

The ARL OPTIM'X has the following salient features:

  • Innovative WDXRF platform with simultaneous and/or sequential capabilities.
  • Element coverage from fluorine to uranium, based on the configuration.
  • Innovative Ultra Closely Coupled Optics (UCCO) technology for increased intensity, up to 210% more than conventional geometry.
  • Multichromators for rapid analysis.
  • Unique compact SmartGonio for sequential analysis.
  • Sequential-simultaneous configuration blending speed with analytical flexibility.
  • High accuracy, both short term and long term repeatability due to temperature regulation of spectrometer and crystals.
  • Superior spectral resolution from low atomic number elements to heavy elements (~15 eV at CaKa).
  • Optimum configuration for specific applications with simplified operation, which is compliant with ISO and ASTM standards.
  • Stand alone and autonomous operation without water cooling.
  • No gas supply needed.
  • Direct and simple introduction of the sample.
  • Automatic analysis of batches with sample changer.
  • Small footprint.

The ARL OPTIM'X can be configured for speed and flexibility having the following features:

  • Up to 8 elements simultaneously using 4 multichromators.
  • Sequential analysis with the SmartGonio.
  • Sequential-simultaneous analysis: SmartGonio and 2 elements simultaneously on one multichromator.
  • 50 W basic or 200 W optional power to achieve 2.5 times faster analysis


The ARL OPTIM'X can be configured for specific applications, which include:

  • Petroleum industry: analysis of S (ISO 14596 or ASTM D2622), Pb (ASTM D5059) or other elements in gasoline, fuels and oils.
  • Major and minor oxides in raw materials such as limestone, sand, feldspar, bauxite, magnesite and other mining applications.
  • Major and minor oxides in products such as sanitary ceramics, refractories, slags and sinters.
  • Glass, paints, paper, ferro-alloys, silicon, metal sheets and other products where a few major and minor elements need to be monitored.
  • Food industry for major and minor nutrients and other regulated elements.
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