Inclusion Analysis in Steel with the ARL iSpark OES Spectrometer

The Thermo ScientificTM ARL iSparkTM is a high-performance OES metal analyzer that provides users with a rapid assessment of inclusions in steel.

Inclusion analysis can be performed concurrently with elemental analysis, allowing virtually real-time control of the inclusions and rapid corrective actions to be taken at different stages of the production process.

The rate of analysis is unparalleled, providing a unique solution for high-throughput inclusion assessments, when large numbers of samples are required to be analyzed quickly, e.g., to solve an urgent quality issue.

The Spark-DAT Software Suite

The Spark-DAT Software Suite transforms the ARL iSpark into a full metals quality analyzer, which can report broad inclusion data within a few minutes, along with the most reliable bulk metal composition analysis.

It includes all relevant software features and modules, on-line and off-line, for analytical method development and set-up, inclusion control, in-depth investigation, and reporting of inclusion information:

Spark-DAT Software Suite Features

  • Spark-DAT: methods, algorithms and features in OXSAS analytical software used to setup and run inclusion analysis, and manage data treatment and results handling
  • Spark Explorer: feature-rich standalone module ensures the optimal set-up of method parameters and in-depth inclusion investigation
  • Inclusions Report: the report is comprised of a comprehensive set of features that allow users to customize and generate the inclusion analysis report
  • Ternary Diagrams: the software features allow for the configuration and generation of ternary phase diagrams of interest that will be included in the inclusion analysis report
  • Statistical Process Control: the ideal module for most effective real-time control of inclusions

Overcoming the Limitations of Spark OES Inclusion Analysis  

As well as controlling the ARL iSpark metals analyzer, managing all data treatments and handling results for standard bulk elemental analysis, OXSAS Analytical Software is at the center of the inclusion analysis.

Spark-DAT inclusion analysis is implemented, parameterized for acquisition and processing, and inclusion analysis results are analyzed in OXAS software.

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Inclusion Analysis in Steel with the ARL iSpark OES Spectrometer

Spark-DAT Software Suite
Results display showing 3-run analysis with mixed bulk elemental concentrations and inclusion information.
Classification ranges editor with examples for SML distribution and size distribution in microns.

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