Raman Spectrometer – DXR SmartRaman from Thermo Scientific

The Thermo Scientific DXR SmartRaman spectrometer is a push-button operated, highly automated, dedicated macro-sampling Raman system that incorporates Raman technology in the routine analysis laboratory.

The Thermo Scientific DXR SmartRaman spectrometer is a sophisticated Raman instrument designed for busy multi-purpose analytical labs where users are seeking precise and repeatable results from a low maintenance and reliable instrument. With the DXR SmartRaman, both quality control specialists and researchers can benefit from the ease of sample preparation offered by Raman spectroscopy without the need to invest in becoming an expert in the technology.


The salient features of the DXR SmartRaman are:

  • Measurement of samples directly through glass bottles, jars, and vials, clear or colored and plastic bags
  • Expandable measurement spot size, up to 5 x 5mm, provides representative sampling of heterogeneous materials
  • Sample accessories available to enable automated measurements of well-plates, tablet arrays, tubes, and vials. Suitable for the automation of measurements of large numbers of samples
  • Accommodates specialized cells for high and low temperature measurements and electrochemical measurements
  • Remote sampling for samples too large to fit in the sample compartment, with optional fiber-optic probes
  • Extensive software tools automate analyses to go beyond data to answers
  • Full spectral range of 3500 to 50cm-1 captured with a single exposure of the CCD avoids stitching artifacts
  • User-adjustable measurement area from 10mm to 5mm using Variable Dynamic Point Sampling (VDPS).
  • Automatic fluorescence correction available with all excitation lasers
  • Automatic intensity correction produces spectra that are comparable between instruments and a range of excitation lasers
  • Multidimensional wavelength calibration enables precise wavelength calibration across entire spectral range
  • Patented Triplet spectrograph offers exceptional peak shape and maintains focus at all wavelengths
  • Patented algorithm for automated cosmic ray rejection and high-quality laser line filters ensure artifact-free spectra
  • Depolarization of lasers is done to avoid confusing sample orientation effects
  • Laser Power Regulator enables active monitoring of laser power and ensures reproducible laser excitation power over the laser lifetime and even after laser replacement
  • Patented autoalignment ensures system can be maintained in almost-new condition
  • Patented Smart-backgrounds automatically remove CCD dark energy profile

Software and Databases

The software and databases of the DXR SmartRaman are:

  • Extensive collection of spectral libraries available more than 16,000 compounds
  • Library search algorithms optimized for Raman data
  • Powerful Specta searching software helps identify multiple components of a material with a single action
  • Powerful macro building tool enables quick capture of repetitive actions into single buttons
  • Omnic Array enables automated data collection and analysis of array based sample formats such as well-plates and tablet arrays.
  • Audit trails attached to spectra automatically record all collection parameters and processing actions

Ease of Use

The features characterizing ease of use are:

  • Patent-pending Autoexposure helps optimize exposure time and number of exposures
  • Autofocusing accessories make it possible to move effortlessly from one sample type to another
  • Configurable GO button on instrument provides for walk-up operation. All data collection, processing, and reporting steps can be stored so that a user can drop a sample in, push a button, and have a report print out with no interaction with the computer.
  • Alignment and calibration procedures are fully automated in the software. User only needs to mount the alignment/calibration pod on the instrument The user does not have to make any decisions to guide the process.
  • Smart accessories and components are recognized automatically by the system and parameters and alignment are automatically optimized on changing of components

Reliability and Maintenance

The features characterizing reliability and maintenance are:

  • The system requires only a routine automatic alignment, which is completely software controlled
  • Calibration procedure is automated and the software makes all decisions
  • Laser usage is automatically tracked on each laser


The features characterizing modularity are:

  • Modular design offers purchasing flexibility.
  • User-replaceable lasers use SmartLock technology for reproducible results. The laser just needs to be plugged-in and the standard autoalignment and automatic calibration routines are then run.
  • Lasers, gratings, filters, and accessories can be easily shared between more than one instrument. The instrument recognizes the serial number of each components and stores alignment and calibration parameters for each unique smart component. These are automatically utilized whenever the components are installed.
  • The spectrometer has been independently certified as class-1 laser safe


The validation is done using:

  • Complete package for DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ validation is available including extensive documentation and automated software protocols
  • Omnic D/S software offers CFR 21 part 11 compliance


The applications of the DXR SmartRaman include:

  • Forensics – illicit drug identification. Automate measurement of many samples, support infrared ID for backup in court
  • Pharmaceutical – distinguish polymorphs and salt forms, characterize tablets
  • Gemology – rapid ID of colored stones, distinguishing natural and synthetic diamonds
  • Nanotechnology – characterize bulk nanotubes, QC of nanotubes
  • Academic research – useful in material science, biological studies, and many applied research fields

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