The DL850 ScopeCorder available from Yokogawa is a compact, waveform recording instrument designed for energy-saving applications. The instrument can simultaneously calculate current, voltage, acceleration, strain and other phenomena.

The DL850 Series aids in the development, assessment, and quality control of energy-efficient devices, and offers high speed sampling, multi-channel measurements, and high isolation withstand voltage. Yokogawa's isoPRO core technology offers the performance required to develop high efficiency inverters. The DL850 is also equipped with a dedicated digital signal processor (DSP) that allows between-channel math during waveform capture.

Key Features

The main features of the DL850 ScopeCorder are:

  • High speed up to 100 MS/s
  • Multi-channel up to 128 voltage/temperature or 128 logic bits
  • High resolution up to 16-bit, isolated measurements up to 1 kV
  • Continuous hard disk recording at 100 kS/s simultaneously on 16 channels
  • 17 plug-in modules
  • CAN and LIN buses monitoring and trend waveform display (DL850 V only)
  • Modules and accessories available.

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