DLM4000 8-channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscope from Yokogawa

The DLM4000 mixed-signal oscilloscope available from Yokogawa is ideal for testing and debugging applications in the automotive, power electronics, embedded systems, and mechatronics sectors.

The instrument includes eight analog input channels; the eighth channel has Flex MSO which can be easily changed to an 8-bit logic analyzer. For 24-bit logic analysis, additional 16 logic analyzer inputs can be added as option.

The DLM4000 is a powerful engineering tool and is equipped with sophisticated measurement and analysis features, such as digital filtering, serial-bus analysis, power analysis, super-long record lengths, and user-defined math. The oscilloscope features high-resolution 12.1-inch LCD display, easy and ergonomic user-interface, and compact landscape format.

The DLM4000 is available in 350 MHz and 500 MHz models.

Key Features

The main features of the DLM4000 mixed-signal oscilloscope are:

  • Eight analog input channels
  • Channel 8 can be converted to 8-bit logic input
  • Additional 16-bits of input logic, for a total of 24-bits (optional)
  • Jog shuttle and rotary knob
  • Four-direction selection button
  • Two USB terminals on front panel.

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