Nicomp 3000 Nanoparticle Size Analyzer by Entegris

The Nicomp 3000, a nanoparticle size analyzer from Entegris, is based on Dynamic Light Scattering or a DLS technique. Dynamic Light Scattering is suitable for sizing proteins, nanoparticles, colloids, CMPs, inkjet inks, emulsions and other dispersions used in medicine and nanotechnology.

Key Features

The main features of the Nicomp 3000 nanoparticle size analyzer are:

  • Features Electrophoretic Light Scattering or ELS to assess zeta potential.
  • Includes Multi-angle Static Light Scattering for molecular weight determination.
  • Features high-resolution, multi-modal Laplace transform, known as the Nicomp algorithm, for sizing.
  • Nicomp algorithm helps detect and separate multi-modal distributions and primary peaks from aggregate peaks.
  • Designed as a three-dimensional tool for the complete analysis of proteins and other complex biomolecules.
  • Designed for a large variety of applications.

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