Particle Size Analysis Using Accusizer 780 SIS

Particle Size Analysis has played a major role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of different pharmaceutical preparations. The US Pharmacopeia includes several particle sizing procedures for testing the safety of drugs. The USP-788 test is used for examining injectable fluids and drugs for contamination of particles greater than 10 microns. For decades, this test has been ensuring the safety of drugs in America.

The Accusizer 780 SIS system, available from Entegris is an excellent tool for performing these drug-safety tests.

Key Features

The main features of the Accusizer 780 SIS system are:

  • Single Particle Optical Sensing (SPOS) technique, also known as light obscuration, helps in sizing particles from 0.5 to 400 microns.
  • A simple syringe pump to pull exact aliquots of a sample through the light obscuration sensor.
  • A cost effective tool to bring exceptional resolution, sensitivity and detail.

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