AccuSizer 780 AD for Single Particle Optical Sizing

The Accusizer 780 AD system, available from Entegris is an ideal solution for the quality lab that focuses on minute quality.

Light Scattering techniques are able to provide information about nanoparticle dispersions. Since the techniques are not sensitive to small quantities of large particles, some important particle size distribution information can be missed. These tails of oversized particles (usually above 1 micron) can have great consequences for a large range of nanoparticle systems such as inkjet inks, emulsions and CMP slurries.

The Single Particle Optical Sizing (SPOS) technique can detect these large particles. Often, nanoparticle systems are extremely concentrated. Busy laboratories need fast dilutions, and accurate particle concentrations need accurate dilutions. These requirements are met with a patented Autodilution system. SPOS capability combined with accurate and fast autodilution makes the AccuSizer 780 AD suitable for quality labs.

Introduction to the PSS AccuSizer AD

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