Dual-valve Pressure Controller for Closed Systems

Alicat’s PCD dual-valve pressure controller is a fast, precise and repeatable pressure control instrument specifically designed for closed volumes. It uses intake and exhaust valves that are independently controlled to obtain quick and stable pressure control within a closed or dead headed system.

The PCD controller features proprietary control software and electronics that enable it to input process gas into a chamber. The unit operates by utilizing a modified PID loop control that allows it to control each valve while enabling only one valve to open at a time. Through this setup, the unit reaches a setpoint quickly and effectively and keeps the gas venting to an absolute minimum.

The PCD pressure controller is used in a wide range of industries, ranging from biopharmaceutical testing to semiconductor manufacturing.

Key Features

The main features of the PCD dual-valve pressure controller are:

  • Fully functional digital display with pushbutton control
  • Multiple analog and digital input/output
  • No warm up time
  • Viton seals
  • Standard barrel type power connector
  • 8 pin mini din electronic connector
  • RS-232 multi-drop digital output
  • User tunable PID algorithm
  • User can select any of nine units of measure at time of order
  • 200:1 turndown ratio enables gauge to measure 1/200th of its full scale potential
  • Setpoint control and loop tuning via display
  • NPT process connections
  • Operates in applications with flow rates as high as 2500SLPM
  • Compatible with a wide range of liquids and gases

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