Nel Hydrogen S-Series Hydrogen Generator

Nel Hydrogen offers the S Series hydrogen generation systems that are capable of producing up to 1.05Nm3/hr (40scf/hr) of ultra-high purity hydrogen gas for a wide range of applications. The compact units are helping numerous industries to avoid costs related to delivery and use of hydrogen.

The S Series hydrogen generators are available in three models: S20 and S40. With a production rate of 20 or 40scf/hr, the systems can generate the equivalent of four cylinders of better-than-UHP grade hydrogen on a daily basis. Nel Hydrogen  also offers the S Series units in high pressure version.

Key Features

The main features of the S-Series hydrogen generators are:

  • Produce up to 40scf/hr of ultra-high purity hydrogen gas
  • Eliminate costs associated with delivery and use of hydrogen
  • S Series units also available in high pressure version
  • Suitable for materials processing, electronics/semiconductor fabrication, electric power generator cooling, scientific hydrogen applications.


The specifications of the S-Series hydrogen generators are:

Model Flow rate Purity Output pressure
S20 9.4L/min 99.9995% 13.8 barg/200 psi
S40 18.8L/min 99.9995% 13.8 barg/200 psi


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