MICRO Spectra Education Kit from Resolution Spectra Systems

MICRO Spectra education kit is a photonics experiment kit designed for higher education and university level. It is a mini ultra-high resolution spectrometer.

The VCSEL or the laser diode spectrum can be easily set up and measured using the MICRO Spectra. In the educational version of Spectra resolver software, the laser’s under-sampled Fourier function can be clearly observed.

The SWIFTS principle in a static interferometer is explained, thereby providing a better understanding for measuring the absolute wavelength of the laser. By altering the Fourier pattern period, a slight shift of the wavelength due to a change of the laser drive temperature or current can be measured.

The selected VCSEL or laser diode can be dual-mode when used at the edge of its operating range. This type of method can be identified when the Fourier pattern is a low frequency operation controlled by a high frequency sinusoid. The periods of these two patterns provides access to the absolute wavelengths of the two laser modes.

The laser cavity dimension can be estimated from this result. Also, the instability of a VCSEL can be clearly identified, shifting from single mode system to highly multimode emission when tuning drive temperature or current.

Key Features

The main features of Toyota and Brookhaven Lab to Explore Chemical Reactions of Mg BatteriesMICRO Spectra education kit are listed below:

  • Integrated optics
  • Fourier optics
  • Diode laser and VCSEL
  • Laser modes

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