ZOOM Spectra from Resolution Spectra Systems

The ZOOM Spectra spectrometer from Resolution Spectra is incorporated with the innovative SWIFTS technology in order to provide an exceptional high measurement rate and ultra-high resolution.

The spectrometer is equipped with spectrum analyzer and multi-wavelength meter functions to provide accurate control of cw, quasi-cw and pulsed lasers such as VCSEL, DBR, ECDL and DFB.

The ZOOM Spectra also has a SpectraResolver software, which allows easy checking of side modes, hopping modes and the stability of the laser.

Key Features

The main features of ZOOM Spectra are listed below:

  • Compact size
  • Trigger modes
  • Ultra-high spectral resolution: 5-15pm / 0.2cm-1 /6GHz
  • Excellent absolute accuracy: 1-2 pm / 0.02cm-1 /650MHz
  • Wavelength range: 630 – 1083nm
  • High measurement rate capability: up to 30,000 frame/s
  • Simultaneous bandwidth of a few nm
  • SpectraResolver user-friendly software
  • No need for re-calibration
  • Robust long-life factory calibration


The key applications of ZOOM Spectra include:

  • Multi-wavelength meter
  • Complex laser source analysis
  • Laser tuning control
  • Laser diode operating point search and spectral mapping

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