MICRO Spectra from Resolution Spectra Systems

The MICRO Spectra from Resolution Spectra is a unique mini spectrometer which provides access to ultra-high spectral resolution. It can provide ultra-high spectral resolution of 7-20pm /0.2cm-1/ 6GHz.

The spectrometer is capable of handling measurements on a simultaneous bandwidth of a few nanometers within 630-1083nm. There is no need to perform re-calibration with this tool, thanks to the SWIFTS technology incorporated in the spectrometer. The MICRO Spectra is an easy tool to use for efficiently controlling laser sources.

Key Features

The main features of MICRO Spectra are listed below:

  • Ultra compact size
  • Measurement of very close laser modes
  • Measurement rate of 1-20Hz
  • No drift in calibration over time or temperature change
  • Robust long-life absolute precision: 10-20pm/0.2cm-1/ 6GHz
  • SpectraResolver user-friendly software


The key applications of MICRO Spectra include:

  • General and innovation research
  • Laser control
  • OEM integration and embedded applications

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