OEM MICRO Spectra from Resolution Spectra Systems

The MICRO Spectra from Resolution Spectra is also referred to as Original End Manufacturer (OEM) sub-system as it can be incorporated into a laser or any system using a laser.

The OEM tool is able to enhance the value of lasers by providing directly the absolute wavelength. It performs control loop of lasers. The MICRO Spectra allows the option of using low-cost laser in laser-based tools.

Key Features

The main features of OEM MICRO Spectra include:

  • Multi-wavelength meter
  • Single-mode control
  • Line width control
  • Fibered input
  • Multi-mode emission characteristics
  • Ultra high spectral resolution: 7-20pm
  • Robust long-life absolute accuracy: 10-20pm
  • Wavelength range: 630–1083nm
  • Simultaneous bandwidth of a few nm
  • USB2.0 communication and power supply
  • DotNet /VIs library

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