SpectraResolver from Resolution Spectra Systems

Resolution Spectra’s SpectraResolver software is designed exclusively for use with Resolution Spectra spectrometers. It is a powerful software that allows laser characterization via an easy-to-use interface.

The SpectraResolver software comprises sophisticated data processing algorithms, which are part of SWIFTS technology. Resolution Spectra’s products have ultra-high resolution, and hence possess the capabilities to handle all laser modes.

Moreover, the software has peak detection function and provides superior absolute wavelength accuracy, thereby allowing it to be used as a multi-wavelength meter. If required, C++ or .NET / C# library can be provided.

Key Features

The main features of the SpectraResolver software include:

  • Monitor ZOOM Spectra, MICRO Spectra, WIDE Spectra
  • Continuous, multiframe and trigger modes
  • Unit change (nm, cm-1, GHz)
  • Line-width measurement
  • Graphical utilities (zoom, markers…)
  • Dark measurement and substraction
  • Data record (bmp, ascii, svg,…)

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