Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) Cryostat

The ST-400 ultra high vacuum (UHV) cryostat from Janis Research offers the easiest technique for providing cooling in an ultra-high vacuum environment. The instrument is designed with the features of the basic SuperTran cryostats and integrated with many of the features relating to UHV requirements.

The ST-400 cryostat can be custom built so that the cold finger length and conflat-style vacuum flange can be sized to match a user's chamber.

Key Features

The main features of the Janis Research ST-400 are:

  • Temperature sensor
  • One 6-pin UHV electrical feedthrough and one 8-pin electrical feedthrough
  • 2.75" rotatable CF style vacuum mounting flange (other sizes available)
  • Gold-plated copper radiation shield and sample mount
  • Control heater
  • System test
  • 6' superinsulated cryogen transfer line


The key applications of the ST-400 are as follows:

  • Materials deposition
  • Ion source cooling
  • Materials characterization.

The ST-400 series is also available in a range of custom configurations for optical measurements or special requirements. Options include:

  • Customized length
  • Other CF style flange sizes
  • Compact system
  • Optical vacuum shrouds
  • Additional multipin feedthroughs


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