1.5K Continuous Closed Cycle Cryostat

Janis Research’s 1.5K continuous closed cycle refrigerator cryostat is a low vibration pulse tube cryocooler designed to realize liquid helium performance using a closed-loop system and cryogen-free technology.

The 1.5K cryostat is capable of operating non-stop from 1.5K to 300K (450K optional) and is a cryogen-free, turnkey substitute to liquid helium. The device is a top-loading refrigerator is capable of locating sample in either static exchange gas or vacuum, and users can easily modify it while the device is functioning.

The sample can be inserted via a long rod, into an almost isothermal area of a gas column for cooling. The sample exchange can be done by just removing the sample rod, exchanging the samples on the rod, and reinserting the rod into the cryostat. The whole process can be done in ~80 minutes.

The 1.5K continuous closed cycle refrigerator cryostat has a 50.8mm I.D. sample chamber (optional to 100mm).

Key Features

The main features of the 1.5K cryostat are:

  • Pushbutton action includes sample temperature adjustment
  • Rapid sample exchange while the refrigerator is operating
  • Can be designed to customer specifications
  • Allows cooling samples, devices and/or equipment easily without the inconvenience and cost of using liquid helium


The main applications of the 1.5K continuous closed cycle refrigerator cryostat are as follows:

  • Spintronics
  • Materials research
  • Magnetic measurements
  • Neutron scattering
  • Optical spectrscopy
  • Electrical transport measurements.
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