SC943 In-Line Sputtering System

One of the sputtering system models offered by Semicore is the SC943 In-line Sputtering system. It is a quick cycle load lock sputtering system that comes with an optional substrate heat.

It has a dynamic pressure control and uses up to four high utilization linear magnetron sputtering sources.

The sputtering technique includes DC, pulse DC, RF and MF AC. It is controlled by PC/PLC and is simple to operate data logging, on-line support, HMI, and tolerance checking.

It uses RF etch pre-clean and makes use of either cryogenic or turbo high vacuum pumps.

Customer Testimonial

Semicore Equipment Inc. provided a very capable system that was delivered on schedule and within budget. Their personnel were prompt, courteous and got the job done. When the need for equipment arises in the future, I will certainly contact Semicore.

Bill Goward, Sr. Equipment Manager, Stion Corporation

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