The Advanced, Magnetron Sputtering System Model SC450-LL from Semicore is a highly reliable and cost-effective system, which provides high performance. Semicore is an established designer and manufacturer of precision thin film vacuum deposition systems and products.

The company’s design initiatives and engineering capabilities contribute effectively to the capabilities, quality and necessary economy of the innovative Magnetron Sputtering system SC450-LL.

The Model SC450-LL has the capacity to accommodate a number of substrate sizes/shapes, and features an active decomposition area up to 200 mm (8”) diameter. It is designed with completely automatic integrated controls and multiple-process gas capability.

Key Features

The main features of the SC450-LL are as follows:

  • Research and development prototyping
  • Co-deposition or sequential modes
  • Small volume, quick cycle processing
  • Multiple sources up to four
  • Integral cathode shutter
  • Substrate table – cooling/heating, bias/etch, rotation
  • Advanced Fast Cycle Load-Lock is also provided
  • Lasting dependability
  • Magnetron sources: 50 mm (2”), 75 mm ( 3”), or 100 mm (4”)
  • Confocal cathode arrangement
  • HF RF or MF RF, DC and pulse DC power supplies
  • In-situ cathode tilt

Customer Testimonial

Semicore Equipment, Inc. supplied us with compact sputtering tools – SC250 and SC450LL.  Both tools have highly integrated components, including magnetron sputtering, vacuum system, etc., and have a slim design to fit any limited lab space.  The unified graphical interface is user friendly, but is also powerful and professional and allows control of all system components through simple touch screen.  Both tools provide superior performance, including high film quality, excellent across-wafer uniformity and also high product throughput.  These tools are ideal for R&D lab or small volume manufacturing.   We are also impressed by Semicore’s quality customer service.  Their engineering staffs are knowledgeable and responsible.  They are dedicated to meeting their commitments to us and provided excellent service during system/tool set up and normal service call.  We would be delighted to do business with this team again.

Xiaojun Yu, Vice President of Engineering, Royole Corporation

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