ML4704: Radio Transmitter with Remote LUX and UV Probe

The ML4704 LUX and UV radio transmitter is part of the Hanwell ML4000LUX/UV Series, featuring a remote light sensor along with UV measurement. The renowned Hanwell wireless system uses this reliable transmitter for around-the-clock monitoring and alarm notifications.

Instrument Specifications

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Dimensions 110 x 80 x 35 mm
Weight 200 grams
Power Supply 3.6 V AA Lithium battery
LUX Sensor Photometric diode detector
Visible Wavelength 400 to 700 nM
Visible Range 10 to 5000 LUX
Colour Response Human eye (Match to CIE Curve = 5%)
Linearity 1%
Angular Response Cosine
UV Sensor UV silicon carbide
UV Power Range 20 to 2000 mW/m2
UV Wavelength Range 215 to 365 nm
Linearity 1%
Angular Response Cosine


Radio Transmitter Functions

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Frequency Options A range of frequencies are available between 433 and 458 MHz. Country specific regulations apply.
Radio Power 10 mW
Radio Range 3 km over open ground
Battery Life Up to 18 months


This product can be calibrated to the specifications of customers

N.B Instrument operating range – 20 °C to +65 °C in a non-condensing RH environment

System Components

Software Required

W706 – Validated Synergy Software Package
W700 – Standard Synergy Software Package

Hardware Required

REP – Repeater
CR2 – Controller
SR2 – Smart Receiver


88706 – AA Lithium battery
Y119 – Wall mounting bracket

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