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xrWeigh Carousel - Flux Weighing

The xrWeigh Carousel makes flux weighing easy, removing a repetitive operation from the laboratory while enhancing traceability and accuracy.

Key Features

  • Easy clean –easy access for cleaning, low maintenance, simple flux bottle replacement
  • Simple operation – “One touch” operation, user just has to switch it on! Fix flux bottle, set target and the Carousel will do the rest
  • Fast – Weigh 30 vials of flux within 20 minutes
  • Reliable – Based on the existing single system architecture, simple modular design, widely tested


Capacity 30 vials
Accuracy ≤ 1 mg (speed dependent)
Speed Up to 90 vials per hour (depending on volume and accuracy requirements)
Weight 35 kg
Size (W x D x H) 750 mm x 600 mm x 420 mm

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