Low Contamination Cold to Cold Gas Fusion Machine - Phoenix VFD

For low contamination, cold to cold operation at high throughput, XRF Scientific’s Phoenix series of gas fusion machines are the ideal solution.

When it comes to complex fusions, especially if they are being carried out for the first time, being able to visualise the chemical process in real time in the crucible is of great benefit to the experimentalist. It is also helpful in conserving platinum ware and the life of your machine. Phoenix fusion machines have been at the forefront of XRF sample preparation for over 20 years and during that time the products have built a reputation for fusing the most difficult samples in a repeatable and dependable manner. The Phoenix M is our high throughput solution intended for the busy laboratory where challenging sample throughput and sample range requirements cannot be compromised.

As part of the XRF Scientific group, access to unequalled knowledge in the industry across platinum ware and flux allows provision of a full service with tried and tested products and materials. The Phoenix machine is built on technology established over millions of hours of use and hundreds of site installations, during which time the instruments have been refined to improve both reliability and customer requirements.

Feature Highlights

  • Real time analysis
  • Can fuse even the most difficult samples in a reliable and repeatable way
  • Conserves platinum ware and life of the machine
  • Based on technology proven over millions of hours of operation and hundreds of site installations

Low Contamination Cold to Cold Gas Fusion Machine - Phoenix VFD

Phoenix VFD
Single place
Flexible options
Stable flame

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