Ausmon Drift Monitor from XRF Scientific

Drift monitors are used to examine the stability of the XRF instrument over a period of time. They provide an easy way to examine the repeatability of the installation on a short term and long term basis. An accurate calibration for a series of elements in a product is a tiresome and expensive task.

The monitor composition is selected to carefully match the specific material under test. The use of a steady monitor means that the calibration process need only be performed at long intervals. The monitors have been formulated so that they have suitable count rates when analyzing the various ores and products.

The monitors possess little flux and have good long-term stability. A majority of monitor types have been in use for numerous years. They are polished flat so that they can be mounted properly and are easily cleaned.

The XRF Scientific drift monitor Ausmon has been created based on several years of experience in developing stable repeatable beads and is available across all the standard analysis requirements.

Product Range

Drift Monitor Type Elements Code Diameter
Silicates and general 52 1201010 32/ 40 mm
Iron Ore 28 1201020 32/ 40 mm
Bauxite 38 1201030 32/ 40 mm
Cement 38 1201040 32/ 40 mm
Mineral Sands 19 1201050 32/ 40 mm
Manganese 13 1201070 32/ 40 mm
Nickel 25 1201080 32/ 40 mm
Rare earths 39 1201090 32/ 40 mm
Sulphides 32 1201100 32/ 40 mm

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