Automated Electric Fusion Machine – xrFuse 6

The xrFuse range of automated electric fusion machines has been manufactured based on over 25 years of experience of fusion technology and applications. Designed with the most recent thermal imaging technology and consumer tested in the largest XRF laboratories in the world, xrFuse is designed keeping the customer in mind.

Zero Contamination – The ceramic cradle and holders guarantee that the environment for producing beads has zero contamination from these sources.

Process Flexibility/ICP – The machine has been designed for both ICP and pre-heating processes. It is simple to access, monitor and control with just the touch of a button.

Simple User Interface – The machine has a simple touch screen interface that can be easily used. It offers the flexibility to cope with simple operation or complex one off experiments.

Safe Operation – The external surfaces on the machine have been modeled and produced with the most recent IR technology. This guarantees that it is safe to touch all external surfaces. The machine has been independently tested and is CE certified.

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