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Sialon Ladles and Crucibles for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys

International Syalons manufacture a variety of sialon ladles and crucibles for handling non–ferrous metals, such as aluminium and its alloys and zinc.

Excellent Contact Behaviour of Sialon with Non-Ferrous Metals

Syalon 101 has excellent behavior in contact with many non–ferrous metals. In common thermcouple protection sheaths, Syalon 101 ladles possess excellent thermal shock resistance, resistance to corrosion and non–wetted by non–ferrous metals and alloys, resistance to abrasion and outstanding mechanical properties.

Performance of Sialons Compared to Traditional Materials

Syalons excellent properties mean it out performs traditional materials, such as cast iron, giving oustanding service life and no contamination of the melt, which is particularly important for producing high quality non–ferrous metals and alloys.

Advantages of Using Sialon Ladles

Syalons ladles are very easy to use. For example, there is no need for preheating. Also, Syalons possesses minimal wetting, so adherence of the melt is kept to a minimum, although this behavior depends on the melt temperature and the alloy composition. For those situations which require it, we can coat the ladles with a non–wetting boron nitride coating.

Should you have a requirement for a ladle or handling device for non–ferrous metals, please contact International Syalons.


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