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Sialon Shot Blast Nozzles

Shot blasting is a method of surface preparation or cleaning. It involves blasting an abrasive grit, such as sand, alumina or chill-cast iron, at high velocities at the surface to be treated.

Tungsten Carbide, the Traditional Liner Material

Traditionally liners have been made from tungsten carbide. However, at the low angle impacts encountered in many blasting operations, tungsten carbide wears excessively due to the erosion of the relatively soft and ductile cobalt used to cement the carbide grains together.

Advantages of Syalon 050 Shot Blast Nozzles

Syalon 050 has a high hardness, fracture toughness and Young's modulus, resulting in excellent wear resistant properties, making it an ideal material for shot blast nozzle liners. A standard 3/8" nozzle tested using chill-cast iron grit and operating at 100psi performed for more than 1000 hours without appreciable wear.

A wide range of nozzles are available and can be made to customer specific requirements. Contact International Salons with your requirements.


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