Sialon Hydrocyclone Separators

In sub-sea oil extraction, hydrocyclone separators are used in the process of separating sand from the oil. Pressure differences in the slurry generates centrifugal forces which causes rotational motion of the fluid which in turn causes the dense sand particles to separate from the less dense material. The rotational flow results in severe abrasion on the materials used in the hyrocyclones.

Advantages of Sialon Hydrocyclone Separators

The Syalons ceramics manufactured by International Syalons possess the physical properties to perform well in this demanding environment. Primarily, this is an environment where wear resistance is critical. The combination of high hardness, strength and toughness make both Syalon 101 and Syalon 050 candidate materials. Syalon 050 is the harder of the two, but Syalon 101 is tougher. Also, a feature of both materials is their excellent corrosion resistance.

Applications of Syalons in the Oil and Gas Field

Applications of Syalons in the Oil & Gas field are being developed all the time. For more information on our materials and their uses please contact International Syalons for more information.


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