Advanced Ceramic Weld Location and Control Pins Made from Silicon Nitride, Sialon and Zirconia

International Syalons manufactures an extensive range of sialon and zirconia advanced ceramic weld location and control pins. These can allow precise welding of captive nuts to sheet metal, and are therefore widely used in the metal forming industry.

Sialons are silicon nitride-based advanced ceramics that have excellent thermomechanical, and corrosion resistant properties. The high strength and wear resistance of Syalon ceramics makes them perfectly suitable for metal forming applications. Syalon 101 weld location pins have been endorsed as successful by several leading automotive manufacturers for over 20 years.

Where severe impact is more likely, the zirconia weld location pins are recommended due to their increased fracture toughness. Similarly to Syalon 101, they have excellent wear resistance, however the Syalon weld location pins are suggested for applications where extreme thermal shock may occur.

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