NIVUS NPP0 – Pipe Profiler for Challenging Conditions

The NIVUS NPP0 is engineered for measurements under tough measurement conditions. It has unparalleled light weight and short mounting length. It can be installed independently. The NIVUS NPP0 provides high accurate measurement in full pipes as well as versatile use in pipes with different diameters.

  • Introduction of channel management systems
  • Dimensioning of storage space volumes (retention tanks)
  • Calibration basis for hydraulic calculation models
  • Investigation of cost code basics
  • Determination of sewer renovation extents

The flexible measurement system ensures high accurate flow determination even under tough conditions such as very low flow volumes or adverse hydraulic flow conditions.

The pipe measuring section has an inflatable balloon with clamping ring and pressure pipe with filling valve, holder, sensor holder and ventilation.

Typical NFP Applications

  • Verification of channel efficiency
  • Industrial wastewater networks
  • Throttle discharge verification
  • Leakage investigation
  • Direct discharge control
  • Localization of infiltration/extraneous water volumes

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