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PICTOS & Co offers dynamic image analysis in process environment for dry powders, granules, suspensions and emulsion for particles ranging from 1 µm to 10,000 µm. PICTOS integrates dynamic image analysis of QICPIC and RODOS dry dispersion technology in a robust body, specifically developed for on-line applications. PICTIS combines image analysis and gentle gravitational disperser GRADIS, allowing at-line or on-line applications in process environments. And PICCELL with its flow-through cuvette finally transfers wet dispersion to on-line operations of image analysis. Feeding of PICTOS, PICTIS & PICCELL is appreciated either with dynamic and representative sampling system TWISTER blending MIXER or static L-probes. Automatic or user-operated manual feeding is also an option.

Incorporation into control systems for processes or for automated laboratories is achieved with common communication standards such as Modbus, Profibus or OPC (Open Platform Communications) with TCP/IP, RS232 or RS485. The system performs the measurement and reports back results to the control system. The process-specific dynamic image analyzers PICTOS & Co. find a wide range of applications from foundry sand to pharmaceutical products, from roughest industrial conditions to GMP environments.

Feature Highlights

  • Particle size, particle shape, fiber characterization
  • Efficient dry dispersion ensuring complete dispersion for fine, even cohesive powders, granules and fibers down to the submicron range with PICTOS
  • Gentle dispersion for free-flowing, coarser or even metastable powders, fibres and granules millimeter range with PICTIS
  • Highly sensitive analysis of suspensions and emulsions with PICCELL
  • Measurement outside the process line under process-related conditions
  • Valid method transfer due to comparability to the established off-line image analyzers QICPIC with RODOS, GRADIS or LIXELL using the same core components
  • Real-time analyses at the process
  • GMP design for regulated environments
  • Remote control of the measurement procedure via TCP/IP or serial interface

PICTOS & Co. Family

The PICTOS family includes different solutions according to their installation environment:

Sensor Versions Measuring range/ Modules
on-line PICTOS & TWISTER 5 µm to 3,500 µm/ 2
on-line PICCELL 1 µm to 5,000 µm/ 5
at-line PICTOS & VIBRI 5 µm to > 3,500 µm*/ 2
at-line PICTIS & VIBRI < 5 µm to 10,000 µm**/ 2
off-line PICTOS & VIBRI 5 to > 3,500 µm*/ 2
off-line PICTIS & VIBRI < 5 µm to 10,000 µm**/ 2

* for fibers
** upper value for compact shapes

Image Analysis - Pictos & Co

PICTOS with TWISTER50 | on-line
PICTIS with VIBRI | at-line
PICCELL | on-line

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