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PICTOS & Co offers dynamic image analysis in process environment for dry powders, granules, suspensions and emulsion for particles ranging from 1 µm to 10,000 µm. PICTOS integrates dynamic image analysis of QICPIC and RODOS dry dispersion technology in a robust body, specifically developed for on-line applications. PICTIS combines image analysis and gentle gravitational disperser GRADIS, allowing at-line or on-line applications in process environments. And PICCELL with its flow-through cuvette finally transfers wet dispersion to on-line operations of image analysis. Feeding of PICTOS is realised either with dynamic and representative sampling system TWISTER, blending MIXER or static L-probes. Also, automatic or user-operated manual feeding is an option. PICTIS can be fed manually or automatically by existing samplers and PICCELL is connected to the process line via a bypass.

Incorporation into control systems for processes or for automated laboratories is achieved with common communication standards such as Modbus, Profibus or OPC (Open Platform Communications) with TCP/IP, RS232 or RS485. The system performs the measurement and reports back results to the control system. The process-specific dynamic image analyzers PICTOS & Co. find a wide range of applications from foundry sand to pharmaceutical products, from roughest industrial conditions to GMP environments.

Feature Highlights

  • Particle size, particle shape, fiber characterization
  • Efficient dry dispersion ensuring complete dispersion for fine, even cohesive powders, granules and fibers down to the submicron range with PICTOS
  • Gentle dispersion for free-flowing, coarser or even metastable powders, fibres and granules millimeter range with PICTIS
  • Highly sensitive analysis of suspensions and emulsions with PICCELL
  • Measurement outside the process line under process-related conditions
  • Valid method transfer due to comparability to the established off-line image analyzers QICPIC with RODOS, GRADIS or LIXELL using the same core components
  • Real-time analyses at the process
  • GMP design for regulated environments
  • Remote control of the measurement procedure via TCP/IP or serial interface

PICTOS & Co. Family

The PICTOS family includes different solutions according to their installation environment:

Sensor Versions Measuring range/ Modules
on-line PICTOS & TWISTER 5 µm to 3,500 µm/ 2
on-line PICCELL 1 µm to 5,000 µm/ 5
at-line PICTOS & VIBRI 5 µm to > 3,500 µm*/ 2
at-line PICTIS & VIBRI < 5 µm to 10,000 µm**/ 2
off-line PICTOS & VIBRI 5 to > 3,500 µm*/ 2
off-line PICTIS & VIBRI < 5 µm to 10,000 µm**/ 2

* for fibers
** upper value for compact shapes

Image Analysis - PICTOS & Co

PICTOS with TWISTER50 | on-line
PICTIS with VIBRI | at-line
PICCELL | on-line

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