Plasma Treatment Systems

Whether being used for consistent, repeatable industrial processing or research and development of novel plasma processes, Henniker Plasma’s advanced plasma surface treatment systems are the ideal choice. Featuring many advanced features including a large format vacuum chambers and reliable, recipe driven PLC control, they are an extremely versatile tool that suit a variety of applications.

Their NEBULA range has been built around their core technologies in plasma surface treatment and plasma process development. As the vacuum chambers come in volumes from 50L to 150L, there is a lot of space for multiple parts tray/electrodes that can be fitted in either a horizontal or vertical mounting arrangement. On top of this, a high capacity rotary drum mechanism can be installed for treating high volumes of small parts for example.

With this highly configurable arrangement, NEBULA plasma systems are used for cleaning, adhesion improvement and enhanced wetting of surfaces via plasma surface activation. These treatments will perform equally well on metals, polymers, composites, glass and ceramics.

Each NEBULA system may also be equipped with an optional monomer dosing inlet. This fully automated device makes use of plasma polymerization along to fabricate permanently functionalized surfaces through the introduction of a large range of liquid monomers. This drastically increases the variety of plasma surface treatments possibilities in a single machine.


  • 50L – 150L chamber volumes
  • Horizontal, vertical and rotary
    drum parts tray options
  • Plasma polymerization inlet
  • PLC control
  • Fully automated, recipe driven processes


  • compact standalone unit
  • user friendly recipe driven interface
  • unlimited recipes and steps per recipe
  • fast treatment time
  • precise & repeatable
  • no hazardous emissions
  • liquid dosing inlet option

Plasma Treatment Systems

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