Automated Plasma Surface Treatment – Atmospheric Plasma Robotic System

The Atmospheric Plasma Robot System is a 3-axis desktop or cart mounted unit, ideal for automation of plasma surface treatment processes.

The atmospheric plasma robot is available with a variety of XYZ travel options, starting from 200 mm square to 500 mm square and up to 150 mm of Z motion. The robot has a programmable step pendant that allows easy and simple automation and also allows storage for up to 255 programs each of up to 30,000 data points.

The plasma robot has a 5-phase stepping motor that guarantees repeatable and precise motion throughout the range of travel, and the unit further comprises a wealth of external I/O capability suitable for integration with various other equipment.

The Atmospheric Plasma Robot System is available in either cart or desktop mounted types along with a safety light curtain interlock and an optional guard frame.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Localized plasma treatment
  • Automatic atmospheric plasma treatment
  • Surface activation of 3D parts
  • Reproducible and precise plasma treatment before adhesive dispensing
  • Localized and rapid atmospheric plasma pre-treatment of parts before bonding
  • Safety light curtain security
  • 16 I/O channels
  • Up to 30,000 data points
  • Cart or bench mounted
  • 255 stored programs
  • 200 mm to 500 mm XY travel choices
  • Extremely low operating costs

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