High Definition in Automated Microhardness Testing

The Clemex CMT line of hardness testing solutions can be made available as single or dual solutions that can be used for both macro- and micro-hardness testing, depending upon the specific needs of the customer. By providing the user with a macro view of the entire sample and its annotation tools, this system of testing solutions provides position indents at the precise location that they are needed.

Product Features

  • High definition camera
    • Allows users to measure indents at a remarkable precision rate, regardless of the type of surface being analyzed
    • Provides highly reproducible results
    • Provides users with unique sample characteristics, some of which include:
      • Grain size
      • Phase area percentage
      • Coating thickness
  • All loads are applied using dead weights of a consistent mass
  • Autonomous system
    • Minimizes any potential for human error
    • Automatically calibrated through invariant dimensional calibration
    • Increased reliability
    • Auto-focusing technology
    • Can function unattended for hours
    • Increases throughput and productivity
    • Built-in validation technology can be run and predetermined dates and times
    • All measurements are automatically stored in the Results Window
  • Compliant with the following international standards:
    • ASTM E 384
    • DIN/ISO 6507
  • Equipped with Clemex Vision Lite and its 4 modules
    • Allows the tester to act as an image analysis system
  • Image resolution: 1.3 megapixels
    • 300% greater as compared to leading competitors
    • Produces the sharpest and finest details
  • Accurate Indent Detection
    • Reference circle allows users to easily indent the edges of curved or irregular samples
    • This system can also rotate traverses to ensure they are perpendicular to the edge
  • Automatic z-repositioning
    • Particularly useful during the indentation of a multi-level sample

High Definition in Automated Microhardness Testing

High Definition in Automated Microhardness Testing - Picture 1
High Definition in Automated Microhardness Testing - Picture 2
Automatic detection of indent on etched sample

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