The Perfect Partner for Single Applications

The Clemex Vision Lite, particularly when combined with one or more of the Clemex Application Modules, is an ideal tool for repetitive applications. Integrated with pre-built routines, the abridged Clemex Vision PE allows users to easily and accurately analyze, measure and produce standardized reports. Some of the optional Application Modules available for integration with the Clemex Vision Lite include:

  • Particle size
  • Grain size
  • Phase area percent
  • Coating thickness

Additionally, the Clemex Vision Lite is capable of conducting a wide variety of analytical procedures, some of which include:

  • Cell count
  • Grain size
  • Layer thickness
  • Nodularity
  • Particle size
  • Phase area
  • Porosity
  • Dendritic arm spacing

Product Features

  • Simplified image analysis
    • Autonomous process
  • Comes with an extensive library for existing applications
    • Can be customized according to the user’s specific needs
  • Customized and reproducible reports
    • Compiled in Microsoft Excel
    • Optional Report Generator module
    • Can include the following report aspects:
      • Images
      • Raw data
      • Statistics
      • Graphs
  • Capable of stitching multiple fields of view in a single image
  • Extended depth of field
  • Easily adaptable interface
    • Controls camera
    • Auto focus options available for sloping or uneven samples
  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Compliant with various international standards:
    • ASTM A247
    • ASTM B46.1
    • ASTM B487
    • ASTM E1077
    • ASTM E112 / E1382
    • ASTM E1245
    • ASTM E1268
    • ASTM E-45
    • ASTM E562
    • DIN17230
    • ISO 945
  • Improved image capturing system
    • Automated shading corrector provides even illumination
    • Extended depth of field provides a perfectly focused image regardless if sample surface is uneven
    • Multiple fields stitched together to form a single composite mosaic image
    • Relative gray threshold allows for objects present on a variable background to be accurately detected
    • Transparent objects can be detected through contrast thresholding feature
    • Object tracking allows for any potential artifacts to be eliminated
  • Clemex Vision Lite toolbox
    • Allows user to adjust pre-built scripts
  • Capable of characterizing objects according to the following parameters:
    • Size
    • Morphology
    • Color
    • Elevation
    • Composition

The Perfect Partner for Single Applications

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The Perfect Partner for Single Applications - Picture 4
Grain size in aluminum needs Grain and Cell Sizing Application Module.

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