ZoneTEM: A UV/Ozone Sample Cleaner

Hitachi’s ZoneTEM sample cleaner makes use of UV/Ozone technology to provide a mild, non-destructive removal of hydrocarbons, even from the most fragile specimens.

Improve Results Quickly and Easily

  • Offers improved resolution and contrast in users’ TEM
  • Small, quick and user-friendly
  • Users can clean the rod and grid easily, quickly and together
  • No external facilities or gases are needed

Programmable and Easy to Use

  • User-friendly touchscreen available
  • Vacuum storage and cleaning mode to retain samples and holders clean
  • Recipe creation: users never need to remember optimal parameters for every specimen type

Direct Rod Handling

  • Up to 5 TEM holders can be stored for cleaning and vacuum storage

Left: BEFORE Zone cleaning. Right: AFTER Zone cleaning.

Left: BEFORE Zone cleaning. Right: AFTER Zone cleaning. Image Credit: Hitachi High-Tech Europe

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