The QUALI-DOSE®: A System for Automatic Chemical Replenishment System

ECI Technology’s dosing experience of more than 15 years enables the QUALI-DOSE® systems to provide the most novel and comprehensive solutions for handling chemistries in existing Advanced Packaging applications.

The QUALI-DOSE system combines with QUALI-FILL® analyzers from ECI Technology to create a comprehensive online chemical management system—the most robust tool available for facilitating stringent chemical process control.

The QUALI-DOSE system uses smart, versatile algorithms and modes to make up, replenish, or bleed and feed the tank. Powered by quick, efficient dosing, the QUALI-DOSE systems generate no waste and avoid the need for regular maintenance.

Thanks to a system that can offer precise dosing with verification of all the critical components, users can enjoy an unparalleled level of convenience and reliability for running their plating process.

Key Features

  • Flexible dosing options are available based on:
    • Wafer count
    • Analysis results
    • Tank level
    • Amp/minute
    • Concentration levels of target or other components
    • Time-based
  • All crucial components can be dosed:
    • DI water
    • Inorganics
    • Organics
    • Feed and bleed (optional)
    • Virgin makeup solution (VMS)
  • Automatic standard generation (ASG)*
    • Avoids frequent chemical handling and mixing
    • Avoids the need to buy high cost standard
    • Minimizes CoO, labor and maintenance
  • Automatic validation—positive feedback with confirmation of each delivery
  • Works in compliance with the industry safety standards: CE SEMI and S2/S8
  • Supports multiple tanks, plating tools, and chemistries
  • Manual mode for any component
  • Can be combined with ECI QUALI-FILL® analyzers or used individually
  • Includes NOWPak® reagent delivery system
  • Can be combined with pressurized and automated central chemical bulk and blending systems


Key Benefits

  • Multiple delivery validations
  • Accuracy of <3%
  • Supports multiple tanks
  • Extensive range of flow rates from 20 mL/minute to 5000 mL/minute
  • Analyzer-controlled or operates independently
  • Multiple dosing modes: dose to target, manual, feed-forward, feedback, time-based, amp/hour, wafer count, etc.
  • Automatic verification with bar code eliminates human error
  • Recipes provided for new bath make up and replenishment
  • Any number of components can be dosed
  • Handles bath dump or bleed and feed
  • Ability to dose directly from pressurized chemical bulks (central chemical distribution systems)
  • Integrates through buffer tank, slip-stream, or direct injection methods

Smaller process variability when using an ECI QUALI-DOSE system

Greater process variability when using an alternative doser

Image Credit: ECI Technology

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions—1829 mm (72″) W x 2061 mm (81.1″) H x 610 mm (24.0″) D
  • Compliance standards: CE, SEMI F47, SEMI S2-S8, NFPA 79
  • Data communication—Multiple communication protocols such as SECS/GEM, Serial, RS-232 and TCP/IP
  • AC—180 to 245 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 15 A

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