The QUALILAB® ELITE Benchtop Plating Bath Analyzer from ECI Technology

The QUALILAB® ELITE Benchtop Plating Bath Analyzer is the leading lab instrument for CVS analysis. Its new technology and compact design provide a superior user experience and performance.

This plating bath analyzer improves electroless plating and electroplating bath performance by establishing and maintaining correct component concentration in the processing solutions.

The QUALILAB ELITE analyzer offers precise analyses in an ergonomic design and supports multi-language operations. The modular configurations range from a compact, streamlined single-sample manual analyzer to a fully automated closed-cell system that can measure up to 42 samples without the intervention of operators.

All analyzer models enable high-precision and highly selective analyses and are integrated with user-friendly software, sophisticated data handling, and reporting. For many typical applications, ECI Technology can offer proprietary certified analytical recipes (CHEMPACKS®).

The QUALILAB® ELITE Benchtop Plating Bath Analyzer from ECI Technology

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  • Electroless deposition – buffering agents, complexing agents, reducing agents, and background ions in Cu, Co, Pd, and Ni
  • Electroplating – organic additives and inorganic bath constituents for Ni, Cu, Sn, SnPb, SnAg, Co, Pd, Zn, and Pd

Analytical Techniques

  • Electrochemical analysis – MLAT, DT, RC, QC, LAT, RDT, SBP, and DPA
  • Using electrode potential, CVS, or CPVS as the analytical signal
  • MPVS, Chronoamperometry, and Chronopotentiometry (optional)

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use software includes the following:

    • “Get Me Expert” feature offers easily accessible remote and factory supported troubleshooting
    • Flexibility in programming methods and automation
    • Integrated user help
    • Analysis of all additive components on the same turntable
    • Communications: LIMS and TCP/IP Networking
    • Sophisticated reporting and data handling, such as statistics, history management and trend analysis
  • Multi-language operation

Automation Options

  • Automated preparation of support electrolyte and calibration standards
  • Waste removal
  • DI Water spray cleaning
  • Virgin Makeup Solution (VMS) delivery

Configuration Options

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QUALILAB-ELITE - All-New Benchtop Plating Bath Analyzer

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