The QUALISURF® QSF-22: A Benchtop NIR Chemical Analyzer

The precision, speed and a wide range of NIR spectroscopy make it highly useful in the development of chemical metrology, specifically for cleaning and etch processes.

The QUALISURF® QSF-22 integrates NIR spectroscopy with ECI Technology’s Smart-BT software to support the advancement of quantitative analyses of new chemicals for quality control and process optimization.

The speed, ease, cost-effectiveness and precision of the QSF-22 analyzer are the perfect fit for developing new chemistries, particularly when analyzing proprietary chemistries. The QSF-22 analyzer can also be used by chemical suppliers for quality control.

Apart from typical NIR spectroscopy that can simply acquire spectra, the QSF-22 analyzer can examine the spectra, produce recipes and easily transfer them to ECI’s QUALISURF Online Analyzers to quantify the target chemicals.

Key Features

  • NIR spectroscopy
  • Unrivaled performance, thanks to high S/N ratio obtained by long term stability of less than 0.0002 A.U.
  • Analysis time is less than 30 seconds
  • Operated through a USB port
  • Low CoO: Just one PM part (bulb every six months)
  • Manual mode is available for all components
  • Includes a solution sampling port

Key Benefits

  • Small footprint
  • Less than 3% accuracy
  • A recipe can be created for quantitative analysis
  • Recipes can be easily transferred from the laboratory to the production

Easily transfer recipes from the lab to production

Technical Specifications

  • Conforming standards: CE and NFPA
  • Dimensions: 406 (16″) width x 374.7 (14.75″) depth x 247.7 mm (9.75″) height (excluding the laptop)
  • Data communication: Numerous communication protocols such as  Serial, RS-232, TCP/IP and SECS/GEM

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