Plasma De-Contaminator for UHV Chambers: Evactron® U50

The Evactron U50 Plasma De-Contaminator is a compact, simple plasma cleaner featuring high performance for chambers and instruments engineered to function at UHV conditions. The U50 offers high power cleaning to eliminate hydrocarbon contamination on sample and chamber surfaces.

The Evactron U50 De-Contaminator has been engineered for facilities that choose to use a wired touchpad interface to program cleaning parameters. An RS-232 cable is used to connect the touchpad (with dimensions of 134 × 112 × 69 mm) to the controller.

With a compact footprint, the simplified PRS makes use of UV afterglow and air plasma to minimize hydrocarbon contamination, delivering results quickly.

The design of the Evactron U50 Plasma Radical Source (PRS) is compact, making it a universal solution for sample prep chambers, load locks, or instrument chambers. The Evactron U50 provides effective, quick and robust cleaning across an extensive range of pressures, thus facilitating fast pumpdown time to UHV and hydrocarbon-free RGA spectra.

Plasma De-Contaminator with Wired Touchpad Control: Evactron® U50

Image Credit: Evactron (XEI Scientific)

Plasma De-Contaminator with Wired Touchpad Control: Evactron® U50

Image Credit: Evactron (XEI Scientific)

System Features

  • RF Power of 75 W peak and up to 50 W continuous
  • Dual-action cleaning with plasma and UV afterglow
  • Energy-efficient radio frequency hollow cathode plasma (RFHC)
  • UHV compatibility ensured by Conflat 2.75 flange
  • Recipes, power, number of cycles and cleaning time are programmable
  • Tethered touchpad command communications module
  • Broad range of pressure operation: 0.3 Pa/2 mTorr to 80 Pa/600 mTorr
  • Can be baked to 150°C
  • TMP-compatible, without any need for advance venting
  • Quick cleaning—more than 100 times faster than previous generation Evactron models
  • Zero sputter etch avoids damage to sensitive components
  • Leak tested to <10−11 Torr or 10−11 mBar (1.3E−9 Pa)
  • Push-button cleaning operation
  • Match or gas flow adjustments are not required for plasma ignition
  • Compliant with CE, NRTL, RoHS, SEMI and TUV

Evactron U50 System Specifications

  • Evactron U50 plasma radical source
  • Hardware interlock
  • Desktop controller with pushbutton operation
  • 100–240 VAC 50/60 Hz input
  • Tethered touchpad communication package
  • RF Power—35 to 75 Watts at 13.56 MHz RFHC
  • Chassis dimensions—W × H × D: 17.2″ × 3.5″ × 8.6″ (44 × 8.9 × 22 cm)
  • Compliant with CE, NRTL, RoHS, SEMI and TUV

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