Hardinge’s USACH 75 CNC cylindrical grinder provides power and precision in a small design for all production and/or universal small precision parts manufacturing in which ODs, IDs, and faces require grinding.

This model offers high flexibility to handle an extensive range of workpieces for both job shops and high-production applications, specifically where high precision is in demand.

The swing diameter of the machine is 8.5″, enabling parts measuring up to 5″ in length to be handled. The USACH 75 can be fitted with up to three grinding spindles for more flexibility and highest production abilities.


Video Credit: Hardinge Inc.


  • Standard mounting plate can house up to 3 spindles
  • Standard workhead with hefty ribbed construction enabling improved part size control and least heat retention
  • Comes with an Ethernet plug
  • 16C spindle standard

Machine Options

  • Coolant system with or without built-in chiller
  • X and Z axis scales available
  • Turning tool available with holder
  • Life-greased or oil/air-lubricated spindles
  • 4″ or 6″ standard chuck
  • Renishaw probe
  • Collet closer

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