Precision Force Balance Angular Accelerometers

The two Columbia Models named SR-220RNP and SR-220RNC are precision force balance angular accelerometers that have been specifically developed for applications where space is at a premium. The Columbia patented HP suspension system offers very high-end toughness and outstanding rejection of linear acceleration.

The two designs vary only in their electrical interface. The SR-220RNP offers solder pins and the SR-220RNC integrates a 4-pin connector. Such accelerometers do not rely on rotational inertia or fluid damping but are damped electrically.

This leads to remarkable high-frequency characteristics for an angular accelerometer in its range of sensitivity. The design of the servo loop ensures excellent thermal stability of scale factor, zero bias and frequency characteristics. Users can discuss with the factory for customized versions of such sensors.

  • Lightweight/Small size
  • Damping is done electronically
  • Tough construction

Precision Force Balance Angular Accelerometers

Image Credit: Columbia Research Laboratories


Table 1. Source: Columbia Research Laboratories

Operational SR-220RNP SR-220RNC
Ranges Available ±100, ±500, ±1000, ±5000 Rad/Sec2
Output Voltage ±5 Volts into 100 K Load
Excitation ±15 VDC <20 mA
Output Impedance <500 Ohms
Sensitive Axis Alignment 0.5 Deg
Scale Factor Tolerance ±1%
Scale Factor Temp Coefficient 0.05% / Deg C Max.
Zero Bias ±10 mV
Null Temp Sensitivity ±0.1 mV / Deg C
Natural Frequency 50 To 200 Hz Dependent Upon Range
Damping 0.7 ±0.2
Linear Acceleration Sensitivity 0.3% F.R./ G
Cross Axis Sensitivity ±2%
Output Noise
(DC To 400 Hz)
<0.02% F.R.
Non-Linearity ±0.01% F.R.
Hysteresis & Non-Repeatability ±0.25% F.R.
Threshold & Resolution 0.005% F.R.


Environmental SR-220RNP SR-220RNC
Temperature, Operating -50 To +85 Deg C
Temperature, Storage -55 To +95 Deg C
Vibration Survival
(2 To 2,000 Hz)
10 G RMS,
0.5” Disp D.A.
Linear Acceleration Survival
Range +100 Rad/Sec2
All Other Ranges

100 G
150 G
Shock Survival 500 G, 1 mSec
Ambient Pressure 0 To 7 Atmospheres
Humidity 95% R.H.


Physical SR-220RNP SR-220RNC
Weight 4 Oz (113 Gms) 4.3 Oz (122 Gms)
(Excluding Stud Mount & I/O Termination)
1.35 In. Dia. x 1.75 In. H
(3.4 cm Dia. x 4.5 cm H)
Case Material Stainless Steel
Sealing Environmental
Connector Solder Pins PT1H-8-4P or Equiv.
Optional Mating Connector N/A PT06A-8-4S or Equiv.


I/O Pin Functions

Model SR-220RNP

Table 2. Source: Columbia Research Laboratories

Pin Function
A +15 VDC
B Ground
C -15 VDC
D Eo (Voltage Out)


Model SR-220RNC

Table 3. Source: Columbia Research Laboratories

Pin Function
A Sig & Pwr Grd
B +15 VDC
C -15 VDC
D Signal Output

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