Low-Cost Charge Amplifier for Piezoelectric Transducers

The Model 4601 Charge Amplifier from Columbia is an affordable, high-Performance instrument that has been specifically developed for general purpose use with piezoelectric transducers for the measurement of force, acceleration and dynamic pressure.

Model 4601 attributes low noise, broad bandwidth, low output offset and a gain control directly calibrated in transducer sensitivity for a simple setup.



Table 1. Source: Columbia Research Laboratories

. .
Connection Microdot 50 series coaxial connector
Type Single-ended, one side connected to circuit ground
Minimum Source Impedance 50 megohms
Maximum Input Capacitance 30,000 pF
Maximum charge input 5,000 pcmb. on two most sensitive ranges,
50,000 pcmb on remaining ranges


Scope/Tape Output

Table 2. Source: Columbia Research Laboratories

. .
Connection BNC connector
Type Single-ended, one side connected to circuit ground
Output Impedance 10 ohms maximum
D.C. Offset Voltage 20 mV maximum
Full-scale Output Level 10 V peak-to-peak (+/- 5 V)
Maximum Output Voltage 20 V peak-to-peak minimum (+/- 10 V)
Maximum Output Current 10 mA maximum
Frequency Response +/- 5% from 2 Hz to 20 kHz
Maximum Gain 500 mV/pcmb on most sensitive range, with Transducer Sensitivity control set to 1.00
Gain Accuracy +/- 2%
Gain Ranges 1, 3, 10, 30, 100 and 300 g (or psi) full-scale with transducer sensitivity of 10 – 100 pcmb per g (or psi); and
10, 30, 100, 300, 1000 and 3000 g (or psi) with transducer sensitivity of 1 – 10 pcmb per g (or psi)
Residual Noise Less than 5 mV RMS plus 3 mV RMS per 1000 pF of source capacitance
Harmonic Distortion 1% maximum


Variable Output

Table 3. Source: Columbia Research Laboratories

Same as Scope/Tape Output, except:

. .
Gain Adjustment Adjustable from 0% to 105% of Tape/Scope Output


Indicators and Controls

Table 4. Source: Columbia Research Laboratories

. .
Meter 2-1/2” jewelled movement
Meter Reading Accuracy +/- 4% of full scale
ON/OFF switch Integral with power entry module on rear panel
Power indicator LED indicates power on
Overload indicator LED indicator lights on 150% of full scale output
Transducer Sensitivity Control 10-turn potentiometer with calibrated dial
Range Switch 6- position rotary switch
Variable Output Adjustment 10-turn screwdriver adjustment



Table 5. Source: Columbia Research Laboratories

. .
Operating Temperature Range +40F to +125F
Power Requirements 105 – 125 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 15 W
(220 VAC available on request)
Power Connection Power entry module with integral ON/OFF switch and EMI filter and removable line cord
Dimensions 5.5”H x 7” W x 10” D
Options Case with integral handle
Custom low-pass filter settings
(consult factory for price and availability)

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