Vibration Monitor for Engine, Transmission, & Airfame Vibration Measurement

The 960-TX from Columbia has been particularly developed to track vibration produced by commercial and military helicopter engines, transmissions and airfames. The 960-TX consists of three miniature vibration sensors that are mutually perpendicular and embedded into a tough machined housing integrating a single central mounting screw

The 960-TX features combined thick film electronic signal conditioning circuitry which offers temperature compensation, low impedance output drive capability and high sensitivity.

The sensor configuration is suited perfectly to other vibration monitoring applications like structural analysis and aircraft modal, commercial machinery vibration monitoring, and as the key vibration sensor for all prognostic maintenance vibration diagnostic systems.

  • Engine, transmission and airframe vibration measurement

Vibration Monitor for Engine, Transmission, & Airfame Vibration Measurement

Image Credit: Columbia Research Laboratories


Source: Columbia Research Laboratories

Electrical 960TX
Sensitivity 10 mV/g Nominal
Output Impedance <600 Ω
Frequency Range @+1dB 1 to 10,000 Hz (Single Axis)
2 to 2,000 Hz (Mounted A,B,C Axis)
Bias Voltage 8±1.5 VDC
Transverse Sensitivity 5% Maximum
Amplitude Linearity ±1% to 100 g
Power Requirements 2 mA ±5% @ a Reference of 18-30 VDC
Spectral Noise @ 2.5 Hz -116 dB/√Hz Maximum
Broadband <0.002 RMS Equivalent (2-25 kHz)
Absolute Phase Shift <6° @ 2.5 Hz Maximum
Relative Phase Shift ±2° @ 2.5 Hz Maximum
Electrical Isolation Case Isolated


Environmental 960TX
Temperature Range -35 to +120 °F (-37 to +48 °C)
Vibration Limit 500 g Max (Sine)
Shock Limit 10,000 g Max


Physical 960TX
Finish Black Anodize per MIL-A-8625
Size 1.50" Hex x 0.900" H
(38.1 mm Hex x 22.86 mm H)
Weight 3.17 oz (90 gm)
Case Material 6061 Aluminum
Electrical Interface PC02A-8-4P
Case Mounting #1/4-28 Cap Screw


Accessories Supplied

  • Hardwood storage case
  • Certificate of calibration traceable to N.I.S.T
  • Standard calibration data

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