Piezoelectric Accelerometers for Vibration & Shock Measurement

Models 962 and 962A Piezoelectric Accelerometers from Columbia Research Laboratories are specifically developed for the measurement of high frequency, intermediate to high-level shock, and vibration.

They involve a hybrid electronic assembly inside a rough, welded, double-wall stainless steel body to improve functioning in dirty and humid surroundings.

The double-wall and electrically-isolated construction of the sensor offers extra isolation from metallic structures, which helps in obtaining precise, wideband shock and vibration data unspoiled by electrical ground loop currents.

The sensor module has been bonded into the outer stainless-steel body with the help of a high temperature and glass-filled polymer insulator. Impedance output that is 100 ohms or less enables operation directly into standard readout equipment without auxiliary signal conditioning and has the potential to drive up to 500 ft of shielded cable.

Users can consult the factory for the sensor’s customized versions.

  • Vibration and shock
  • Low base strain sensitivity
  • Sensitivity provided up to 10 mV/g
  • Low impedance output
  • Sealed hermetically
  • Isolated electrically

Piezoelectric Accelerometers for Vibration & Shock Measurement

Image Credit: Columbia Research Laboratories


Source: Columbia Research Laboratories

Transfer / Electrical 962 962A
Voltage Sensitivity1 10 mv/g +/-5%
Range +/-500 g Peak
Frequency Linearity2 +/-5% Max, 2 Hz To 20,000 Hz
Mounted Resonant Frequency 40 KHz, Min.
Transverse Sensitivity 3% Max, Typical
Amplitude Linearity +/-1.0% (BFSL) / 250 g
Electrical Noise 0.04 g Equiv., Nom.
Avg Temp Coeff of Sensitivity 0.03% / Deg F
Output Bias Voltage 10.25 +/-1 VDC
Output Impedance 100 Ohms Max.
Isolation Resistance 100 M Ohm Min., 50 VDC
Power Requirements 2 To 10 mA DC Constant Current with 18 To 30 VDC Min Compliance


Environmental 962 962A
Vibration Limit 1,000 g Max (Sine)
Shock Limit 2,000 g Max., 50 μSec 10,000 g Max., 50 μSec
Temperature Range -50 To +250 Deg F
(-46 To +121 Deg C)
Humidity3 0 To 100% R.H.
Base Strain Sensitivity 0.02 g/μE Equiv, Typical
Electromagnetic Sensitivity 0.01 g (Equiv / 100 Gauss)
Acoustic Sensitivity 0.05 g RMS (Equiv @ 124 dB SPL)


Physical 962 962A
Configuration Shear Crystal Mass Assembly
Size 0.500 In. Hex. x 0.545 In. H
(12.7 mm Hex x 14 mm H)
Weight 0.46 Oz (13 Gm)
Case Material 18-8 Stainless Steel
Electrical Interface Coaxial 10-32 Thread
Mounting 10-32 Tapped Base



1 At +75 Deg F, 10 g Peak, 100 Hz; Power Supply 2 To 10 mA DC Constant Current with 18 To 30 VDC Min Compliance
2 Referenced to Sensitivity @ 100 Hz.
3 Unit is Hermetic Sealed.

Accessories Supplied

  • (1) Miniature Cable Assembly, LNHT-3 Ft.
  • (1) 10-32 x 0.380” L Mounting Stud, St. Stl.
  • (1) Hardwood Storage Case
  • (1) Standard Calibration Data
  • (1) Certificate of Calibration Traceable to N.I.S.T.

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