miniQV®-X | Single-Bath, Benchtop Kinematic Viscometer

Fully automated, the CANNON miniQV-X is a single-bath, benchtop viscometer for rapid kinematic viscosity of transparent and opaque liquids.

The miniQV-X is optimized for in-service oil testing and other high-speed applications

Features and Benefits

Robust, Compact Design

  • A trusted CANNON viscometer platform offers reliability and dependable support
  • Occupies the same benchtop space as an analytical balance
  • Temperature range is 40 to 100 °C (± 0.01 °C)
  • Kinematic viscosity range:
    • 5 to 50 mm²/second (cSt), in 10-fold increments, at 100 °C
    • 5 to 800 mm²/second (cSt), in 10-fold increments, at 40 °C

High-Speed Analysis

  • High-speed analysis in three minutes or less per test
  • Most ASTM D445 principles are followed but with only one analysis for rapid output

Fully Automated Benchtop Testing

  • Removable sample handler with 25 positions for unattended operation
  • Save time and money versus manual KV testing by automating sample measurement and washing/drying viscometer
  • VISCPRO® software allows a single PC to control up to four instruments

Reduced Consumable Costs

  • Only 4 to 5 mL of sample, and 8 mL of solvent, is needed for each test
  • ASTM D446/ISO 3105 fast-run, Ubbelohde-style tube reduces solvent usage and disposal costs
  • Uses low-cost HDPE sample vials

Test Versatility and Simplified Maintenance

  • Single-point temperature calibration enhances test versatility and removes the expense of tube recalibration
  • Standard dual solvent input
  • Easy maintenance access with modular bath design
  • Tube replacement can be easily done by operators in minutes, removing the need for related service calls
CANNON MiniQV-X Operational Video

Video Credit: CANNON Instrument Company

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