SimpleVIS® | Portable Automated Kinematic Viscometer

User-friendly and robust, the SimpleVIS by CANNON®  is a portable, single sample, automated kinematic viscometer used for on-site testing. The available tubes cover a viscosity range of 2 to 700 mm²/second (cSt) at two selected temperatures between 40 °C and 100 °C.

Features and Benefits

Automated and Precise

  • Go from sample injection to test result in three to five minutes
  • Precise determination of direct kinematic viscosity (KV) at 40 °C and 100 °C (or switch to any two custom calibrations between 40 °C and 100 °C upon request)
  • Offers true KV without the need to correlate dynamic viscosity data
  • Adheres to ASTM D7279 and due to exceptional temperature control (±0.05 °C) allows for near ASTM D445 precision
  • Viscosity range for low range tubes is 2 to 140 mm2/second (cSt) at 40 °C and 100 °C
  • Viscosity range for standard tubes:
    • 10 to 700 mm2/second (cSt) at 40 °C
    • 5.5 to 200 mm2/second (cSt) at 100 °C

Dependable, Self-contained, and Portable

  • A trusted CANNON viscometer platform offers reliability and dependable support
  • Rugged, reliable design has only two moving parts
  • Stand alone, no PC or external utilities needed
  • Takes up less space than a coffee machine and weighs 10 lb
  • Runs off a 12 VDC vehicle charging port with power inverter add-on

Simple and Safe Operation

  • Follow step-by-step test instructions with a graphic touch screen display
  • Optional printer available
  • Factory calibration means no switches, gauges, or valves to adjust
  • The intrinsically safe instrument uses 12 VDC power


  • Only 0.5 mL of sample and 10 to 15 mL of solvent is needed for each test
  • Solid-state temperature control means no bath fluid
  • Sample is injected directly into the instrument, eliminating the need for sample vials

Common Applications

  • Product chain of custody monitoring
  • Contamination checks
  • Point-of-use testing
  • Industrial lube blending
  • Packaging and distribution of petroleum products
  • Petroleum terminals
  • Remote used oil predictive maintenance
  • Power plant applications
  • Remote mining applications
CANNON SimpleVIS Viscometer Demo Video

Video Credit: CANNON Instrument Company

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