The MicroPL Upgrade for Edinburgh Instruments Photoluminescence Spectrometers

The MicroPL Upgrade for Edinburgh Instruments photoluminescence spectrometers, FLS1000 and FS5, allows for the study of spectral or time-resolved photoluminescence of samples present on the microscopic scale.


  • Spectral and time-resolved: Ideal for any kind of photoluminescence experiment
  • Customizable: Customized to any application and upgradeable in the future
  • All-in-one software: Including data acquisition, analysis, and presentation
  • Plug and Play: Simple to exchange between the MicroPL and the FLS1000 Photoluminescence Spectrometer or the FS5 Spectrofluorometer standard sample holders

Other Key Features

Excitation Flexibility

  • Widefield Excitation – Tunable constant source from spectrometer (steady state)
  • Point Excitation – EPL/VPL/HPL/ pulsed lasers (TCSPC or MCS lifetime) and CW lasers (steady state)


  • Unlock sophisticated Fluoracle software options
  • Computer-controlled at XYZ stage

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