Fully Integrated Steady State FS5 Spectrofluorometer

Edinburgh Instruments offers FS5, a fully integrated steady state fluorescence spectrometer specifically designed to meet the highest specifications in the analytical and research markets. With excellent sensitivity, ease of use and high speed data acquisition, the FS5 is the perfect plug and play analytical tool. The optical design uses specially selected optics to obtain the maximum in signal throughput.

The FS5 spectrofluorometer uses single photon counting techniques for the highest detection sensitivity. It has several upgrade routes that include extended wavelength coverage up to 1650nm, phosphorescence lifetime option, fully integrated fluorescence lifetime option, and computer controlled polarizers.

The FS5 sets a new standard for fluorescence spectroscopy and delivers consistent fluorescence excitation and emission spectra. In addition, advanced fluorescence-customized software allows 2D, 3D, contour and chromaticity plots.

Key Features

  • Single photon counting for the highest sensitivity
  • Water Raman SNR > 6000:1
  • Two emission ports and NIR upgradeability
  • Ultrafast data acquisition for steady state and lifetime
  • Plug and play sample modules for easy setup and flexibility
  • 225mm focal length monochromators for high resolution and maximum throughput
  • All modes of operation, analysis and presentation controlled by a single software package for ease of use
  • Power saving features as standard

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