New Software Extends the Capabilities of UV and NIR Microscopes to Industrial Processes

CRAIC Technologies, the leading manufacturer of UV-visible-NIR microscopes and microspectrometers, today released it's second version of it's ImageUV™ software package. This software is designed to collect, analyze and process images from CRAIC microscopes and microspectrophotometers fitted for ultraviolet, visible and near infrared micro-imaging. ImageUV™ represents a major step forward in that it is designed specifically for industrial processes, is simple to use yet contains many advanced imaging features and capabilities.

"Many of our customers want to use UV and NIR microscopy in a production enviroment for rapid quality control and contamination detection of their products. The second version of the ImageUV™ software was developed in response to customer requests for easy-to-use imaging software for production that includes advanced image processing...all working seamlessly with any of our ultraviolet, visible and near infrared microscopes and microspectrometers. ImageUV™ 2 meets those needs" says Dr. Paul Martin, President.

The complete ImageUV™ solution combines this advanced software package with sophisticated hardware and optics to enable the user to control any of the digital imaging sources on CRAIC microscopes and microspectrometers. ImageUV™ v. 2 software allows the user to acquire high quality ultraviolet, color and near infrared images and to process those images with a number of algorithms. Designed for the production environment, it incorporates a number of easily modified imaging and processing recipes, the ability to create new imaging recipes and sophisticated tools for analyzing images. It also incorporates two modes of operation: a production level with recipe driven image processing and a password protected engineering mode for creating those recipes and for research.

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