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Shimadzu Open Solution Software Permits LC and MS Results Outputting from Networked PCs

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments' Web-based Open Solution software permits viewing analysis results and outputting reports for liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry testing from any networked PC. Users can start and observe analysis in three easy steps. Log in to a secure network; set parameters for sample registration and analysis method; and hit start. Open Solution displays analysis progress in real time or through e-mail notification.

Open Solution software enables control of the Shimadzu HPLC Prominence, UFLC Prominence, and the LCMS-2020 mass spectrometer via open access without direct contact with the equipment. It utilizes Internet Explorer, so the software is only installed on the PC directly connected to the analytical instrument and not on every PC terminal. This eliminates the need for additional software licenses, offering maximum efficiency for a minimum investment.

Open Solution allows users to confirm results quickly right from their office PC. The data browsing screen in Internet Explorer shows a visual representation of the vials in the autosampler tray. Users can instantaneously observe analysis results, including chromatograms, spectra and purity information, for any vial in the rack.

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